Snowbird Links

This page will be dedicated to Web Site Links that you may find interesting,

Gone with the Wynn’s – We saw a news report on Global TV earlier this year, about this couple who are Full Time RVers. There is a lot of information and product reviews on their site, mostly pertaining to Living and Travelling in an RV all year round. They review all kinds of products such as Solar Panel Systems, (they have used a couple), Water Purifying systems, Batteries, Chemical toilets, etc. I think you get the picture.

Canadian Snowbird Association – This is a must visit. The site has all kinds of information such as Tax rules, Length of Stay, Banking etc, for travellers to the U.S.A.

Medipac – A good start to getting travel insurance.

RV.NET – A wealth of information on this site.

 Snowbirds RV Traveler Magazine – I subscribe to the ipad version of the publication. There are some very good articles about all of Western Canada and Western United States. I encourage you to try this magazine, either in hard copy or digital.


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