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Day 6: As expected, we made it. Got to Yuma and the Del Pueblo resort about 2:00 local time or 1:00 BC time. Pretty easy journey, about 3.5 hrs. We stopped at Costco and Vons (Safeway) in El Centro Ca., to stock up on a few things first. Had a very warm and wonderful reception from our friends, Bill & Yvonne. Thank for the drinks & dinner you guys. We had a brief tour of the park and it is wonderful. We can’t wait to get settled in. We’ll keep you posted. 251 Km today & 22 degrees C. Total Trip 2552.6 Km. Total Fuel Cost $593.00 USD.

Accomodation:  $163.00Tulalip Casino: $0.00

Seven Feathers Casino: $39.00

Rolling Hills Casino: $28.00

Orange Grove RV: $36.00

Carefree RV Park: $60.00 (if we come this way again, we’ll park at Fantasy Springs Casino)


2013-12-26 14.45.07

Del Pueble RV & Tennis Resort, Yuma Az.

A few more up & downs

Day 5: Merry Christmas to all. We left Bakersfield at 8:00 am, and headed for Barstow. From there we went thru Yucca Valley, ending up in Indian Wells for the nights. Tomorrow is a short push to Yuma with a brief grocery stop in El Centro. Should be all set up in the park by early afternoon tomorrow. The trip today was much different that the rest. There were more hills to climb and then the corresponding drop downs. We spent an hour going thru some desert, where it seemed like we were the only vehicle on the road. That may be due to this being Christmas day, but it was sure some bleak desert country. 388 Km today & 24 degrees C, not too shabby.

2013-12-25 14.07.29

This is Carefee RV Park in Indian Wells. Sadly we missed a photo of the nicest spot, Seven Feathers. Will remedy that on the way home ….. in 3 months.

Long Easy Day

Day 4: We woke up early and were back on the road at 6:30 am. Today’s plan is Corning Ca, to Bakersfield Ca. There are 2 areas of concern along this portion of I5. The first is going through Sacramento. For some reason, this went really well, with not a lot of traffic, and we had Sacramento in the rear view in no time. The second is a really rough patch of road around the Stockton area. No way to avoid this, so we just took our time. One thing I should point out here is that the posted speed for vehicles towing is 55. That would be anyone with a Trailer. We found this actually made for a nicer drive today, as everyone except us and the big semi’s, were out in the fast lane. We arrived at Orange Grove RV Park in Bakersfield at 3:00. We could have been a bit quicker but we made a stop or two along the way. 662 Km today. I bet you are wondering why they call it Orange Grove…..

2013-12-24 16.59.32

Ups & Downs

Day 3: Today we left Seven Feathers Casino & RV Resort at Canyonville Oregon. We left about 8:30 in daylight & light fog. This was the worry portion of our trip as the roads thru Grant’s Pass & Siskiyou Mountains can be snowy, icy or closed. The mountainous region stretches from Medford Oregon to Redding California with lots of steep, long grades,  and rise to a 4300 foot elevation. But today the roads were bare and dry. We arrived in 18 degree California Sunshine weather about 2:00, got some groceries at a nearby Safeway and Fuel, then checked it at the Rolling Hills Casino campground. Going to have another early night and early morning start as we plan another big drive to Bakersfield tomorrow. 431 Km today.

2013-12-23 15.13.05

Rolling Hills Casino RV Park, Corning California.

Early Get Away

Day 2: We woke up early to a pretty good rainfall. We filled the Thermos with Coffee and hit the highway. We took route 405 to bypass Seattle, and as it was early morning, traffic there was not too busy at that time of day. We did the same thing around Portland using route 205, and same thing there traffic was not too bad. Arrived at Seven Feathers Casino around 2:30. Took their complimentary shuttle downtown to buy some groceries and fresh fruit, shuttle back to trailer, then shuttle to check out the Casino and get a players club card for a discount at the RV Park. Back to the trailer early and to bed early. As Day 3 will be thru the mountains we decided to wait for daylight to leave. The Seven Feathers Casino is a must stay. I will do a separate blog entry on this one day. NOTE: They told us that if you are travelling thru here between Christmas until just after New Years, a reservation is highly recommended as their 191 sites are booked solid. 667 Km this day.

We’re on our way…….

Day 1:  We got away about 1:00 Saturday afternoon. There was snow on the ground and the sky was overcast. Not too hard to get away. We had a 25 minute wait at the border and got a pretty decent American customs official, who didn’t hold us up too bad. The traffic around Bellingham was very slow due to Christmas Shoppers and that also held us up for a little while. We arrived at the Tulalip casino around 4:30, warmed up the trailer, and went to sleep. 159 KM.

2013-12-21 12.48.22