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Seven Feathers Casino & RV Park

Every year we have stayed at Seven Feathers RV Park in Canyonville Oregon, on our journey to Arizona, both going South and coming North. Last year we noticed a billboard stating the Rate for the night would be $19.00 Sunday to Thursday. When we arrived at the resort on Sunday, I asked what the rate was…..$39.00 was the answer. I mentioned that we had seen a billboard with different information on it and was told, “Oh you saw the billboard. Well then yes you get that rate” and so we did. This year I got an email advertising that same $19.00 rate on certain days of the week. I will put that information below so that anyone can get to the link and print a coupon to also get the saving.

A Great Reason for a Road Trip!


This is a 5 star RV resort with lots of good amenities: pool, hot tub, full hookup pull thru sites, excellent washrooms / showers, an exceptional shuttle service that will take you to the Casino for dinner or show or some gambling or downtown for groceries, and if you get there in early to mid December, please sample the wonderful hot apple cider offered at check in. We highly recommend this stop.

Our Friends from Port Alberni, BC

Our long time friends, from Port Alberni, gave us the pleasure of their company this past weekend. They were starting their journey to Yuma with a Truck & Fifth Wheel Trailer and managed to stop for a nice visit.

Journey Begins

They arrived at our house on Friday night and stayed until Sunday morning. They are taking, roughly, the same route we have planned, with a couple of exceptions.

First day for them was to travel to Chehalis, Washington, where they shared the Walmart Site there with a lot of big Semi Trucks. Not much sleep/rest that night.

Second day found them at Seven Feathers RV & Casino, near Canyonville Oregon at 3:00 p.m. They enjoyed a much better rest. Shared a cocktail with other travellers there, from Nanaimo BC & Gold River BC. 18 degrees and sunny.

Seven Feathers 2

Third day to Rolling HIlls Casino near Corning California. An email suggests that they had no wi-fi here, and maybe should have stayed 14 miles north at Durango RV Resort. 30 degree weather here and lots of sun. I’m told there is a great place just into California that have super prices on your favourite alcohol beverages. If you are inclined that way, this is a good place to stock up. Watch for the Big Sign, it will take you right there.

Fourth day took them to an Sommerville Almond Tree RV Park  just south of Coalinga, California and north of Bakersfield Ca.

The  Fifth day took them near Yucca Valley. I have to wait to get an email tomorrow to finish this post, but bottom line is they arrived, safe & sound on Day Six, after a 4 hr drive.

And here they are at Del Pueblo RV Park in Yuma, Arizona.

RV Site 1




Our Route South

Planning our route has been the fun part so far. From the West Coast of British Columbia to the Deserts of Arizona, there is one thing for sure. You have to cross the mountains at some point. As we are leaving in late December, we have opted to take the fastest route, to get thru any inclement weather as fast as we can. We have been fortunate to hear of the travels of our friends, on their journeys, and will be able to benefit from their experiences. I am curious to see if we will be able to stick to the plan, or if last minute alterations will be required. I will provide links to all the stopping points at the bottom of this post. So without further adieu;

OUR ROUTE (as planned.)


  1. Saturday, Day One, we have opted for a very short journey. Our first stop will be the Tulalip Casino, about 2 hrs south of the Canada / USA border. This will be a non-hook-up stop as we are familiar with the area and the Casino has security vehicles patrolling. Interstate #5.
  2. Sunday, Day Two, we will travel to the Seven Feathers Casino and R.V.  Resort near Canyonville Oregon, 410 miles. We want to do this on Sunday so we  go around Seattle and Portland when we have the least traffic. We will take Exit 182, off I5, to get onto route 405, bypassing Seattle. It automatically rejoins I5 south of Seattle. We will also do the same around Portland Oregon on route 205. This is a good days drive and will put is in a good  position to cross the Siskiyou Mountains. We will pay for hook ups here. This is the one spot the weather plays an important part, as there maybe snow and the Route across the mountains maybe closed. I’m told that a good hint here is that if there is snow and snowplows have been out, the best thing to do is wait awhile in the morning to let the big trucks go first. Next stop California. Interstate #5.
  3. Monday, Day Three, we hope to be in Corning California, stopping over at the Rolling Hills Casino, 265 miles. From this point on, we should be into California weather, as we continue south. Interstate #5.
  4. Tuesday, Day Four should see us in Bakersfield after another long days drive, 400 miles. We have a few options here. Either take an early stop at Tachi Palace Casino near Lemoore CA., or Continue to Bakersfield, another 86 miles. Our plan is to drive to Bakersfield along Interstate #5 to Hwy 58 with a stopover for the night at Rosedale. We are told a good alternate route is Highway 99, but there is a lot of Big Truck traffic on that Route.
  5. Wednesday, Day Five brings us to the Palm Springs Area via Hwy 58 East, then Hwy 247 South. Final destination for the day would be the Morongo Casino Resort / Spa & OUTLET MALL, near Cabazone CA. An alternate to this overnight stay would be the Carefree RV Resort, near Indio, CA.
  6. Thursday, Day Six, south on Hwy 86, passed the Salton Sea & Brawley, then south on Hwy 111 to El Centro and then east on Hwy 18 to our final destination of  Yuma, AZ and the Del Pueblo RV Resort.

As promised, here are the links;



Leaving British Columbia via Mainland Border Crossings

I started to create a list of Border Crossings here, but soon realized any visitor can get that list with a Quick Google. If you need the list, click HERE.

Picking a crossing, and subsequent route south, seems very easy at first. Just look at a map and pick one. But in reality there are many things to consider.

  • What will the Weather be like along your route?
  • What cities you will have to navigate through?
  • Is the Border Crossing open at the time of day you wish to cross?
  • Are your maps or GPS current?
  • Where will you stay?
  • Are there rest stops and other amenities situated at convenient places?

We are members of BCAA, and as such, qualify to get free maps and books on accomodations and campgrounds. You can also find these kind of publications at book stores, Wal-Marts etc., or anywhere else books are sold. For our upcoming first trip, we have aquired all the pertinent maps and we intend to have a new GPS before we leave. I am still researching which GPS to buy. Some of the features I want are Lifetime Map updates and Split screen navigation that shows Guide Signs in a realistic view. I will do a post of features, after I have made my purchase. Click Here to see what we bought.

Leaving British Columbia from Vancouver Island

There are many routes from B.C. heading South. Today I’ll cover Leaving Vancouver Island. Unless you can fly, the only way to start the Journey south, is by either

  1. Departure Bay (Nanaimo BC) to Horseshoe Bay (North Vancouver BC)
  2. Duke Point (Nanaimo BC) to Tsawwassen (B.C. Close to U.S.A. border)
  3. Victoria B.C. (Swartz Bay) to Tsawwassen (B.C. Close to U.S.A. border)
  1. Sydney B.C. (Near Swartz Bay) to Anacortes Washington
  2. Fort Casey (near Anacortes) to Port Townsend Washington
  1. Victoria B.C. to Port Angeles Washington.

The B.C. Ferries tend to be more expensive than the Washington State Ferries, but offer many sailings. Reservations can be made on all the above ferry routes. Once arriving in Anacortes, you can go Straight East to Mount Vernon Washington and get on highway I-5 or go south, via ferry, to Port Townsend. The advantage of the Port Townsend route is that you would pick up highway I-5, south of Seattle.