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Connected by TCP

Connected by TCP

Smartphone connected LED Lamps. I was looking for ways to automate some indoor lighting while on extended vacation, and stumbled on these quite by accident. I bought a 2 lamp pack with wi-fi adapter, that connects to a smartphone/tablet control App. They were very easy to install, just screw ’em in, and they provide a nice light. Downloading and setting up the smartphone app to control them, was also very easy and straight forward. However, I find learning to control them not as user friendly as I would like. Without any control, they come on as any normal lamp would. When under a Scene control, they don’t turn on as easy when out of the time frame of the control app. I hope an App upgrade will solve this problem in the near future.


After 2 weeks, I wound up taking this unit back for a refund. I love the concept but I just couldn’t get it to do what I wanted it to do, when I wanted it to do it. I would have them set to a specific time, but they wouldn’t turn on. I would have to open the app again and do it from there. When I removed them from the socket, I was very surprised at how Hot the base of the lamp was. The base was too hot to put your hand on. As they are advertised as 11 watts, I was very surprised. I surmise that the wattage is for the light itself, and the extra heat was coming from the wi-fi components built into the lamp base.


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Garmin GPS

When we were planning our Route South, we decided to purchase a Global Position device. After much reading online, shopping at stores and price pondering, we decided on the Garmin nuvi 2595LMT. The L stands for “Lifetime”, the M stands for “Maps” and the T stands for “Traffic”. In other words, you get lifetime map upgrades (Canada, USA, Mexico) and Traffic information in areas that are applicable. This model also has a split screen that will show upcoming Guide Signs on the right of the screen, while maintaining actual map and road layout on the left side. After arriving at our destination, I will give a detailed report on how it functioned.


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The Nest Thermostat

The first I heard of this amazing device, was when my Son bought one. As he is a Gadget Orientated fellow, I was all ears to learn what it was. This thermostat learns your heating/cooling habits and sets up a schedule automatically. It is Wi-fi controllable, has a built in menu systems for settings, and sends a monthy report of your energy use to your email address. It also has an away mode that you can set up with minimum heating or cooling settings. Picture this in your mind; you are away for the weekend, you have the thermostat set for away. You are on your way home and connect with your smartphone or tablet to tell the thermostat to start up and have your house nice and cozy when you get there. Not bad.

The Nest Thermostat
The Nest Thermostat

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