General Info and Preparation

These are the things you must be aware of before leaving Canada, and items you must get prepared for.

PASSPORTS – Make sure your passports are current, and  that the expiry date is well passed the date of your return to Canada. I’ve heard that the should be valid at least 4 months beyond your return date. ( I will try to confirm and edit this post later )

BORDER BINDER – It is highly recommended you create and maintain a binder containing at minimum, the following information.

  • A photocopy of your passport in case originals are stolen or lost.
  • A photocopy of a couple of recent utility bills. This helps prove residency.
  • A photocopy of recent property assessment or property tax statement.
  • A photocopy of Drivers Liscense.
  • A copy of Medical Insurance.
  • A copy of reservation confirmations. This shows you have a destination booked.
  • A copy of any US Bank Account information if you have any.
  • A single page, yearly calendar, with out of country dates highlighted. Keep current.
  • This is also a good place to keep all emergency phone numbers, both local and at home in case you need to call Medical insurance, Vehicle or RV insurance , cancel credit cards, contact financial people both Home and Away.

MEDICAL INSURANCE – Please don’t forget this. I hope to do a separate page in the near future on this subject. We purchased our insurance from Medipac. By doing this online and in the summer, we save $$$ on their early bird special discount. I’m sure the cost differ from each carrier, so check out a few options before you make your purchase.

RV PREPARATION – As our trailer is a 2004 model, I took a few extra precautions over and above normal maintenance. I had the Bearings and Brakes checked and serviced, and while the wheels were off the trailer, I took the them to Kal-Tire to have new rubber put on. As the Brakes are Electric, and not hydraulic, I took the trailer to a place that specializes in electric brakes, so they could check the whole system.

VEHICLE PREPARATION – As above, Tires and Brakes are a must to check/replace/repair. Also a servicing just before you leave is recommended to the all fluids and systems are in good shape, not just for the trip south but also the return journey as well.

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