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I hope to provide insights and helpful information for new “Snowbirds” who are contemplating traveling south for the winter months. This will be an ongoing project, and hopefully will eventually become a valuable resource.  Please leave a comment before you leave.

The first time I heard the term “Snowbird”, was from my aunt & uncle. They were going to Arizona in the 70’s with a truck and travel trailer. I didn’t know it at the time, but from hearing about their travels, I have now deduced that  they were “boondockers”. ( People who camp in the desert without benefit of power or hookups.) Over the years, and as I got closer to retirement, I have watched many friends, start their Snowbird adventures. Some travel with R.V.’s. and move around from place to place. Some travel with R.V.’s and stay in one place. Some elect to travel by air or car, and rent accommodation. Still others decide to purchase homes, or R.V. lots.

Well, now it’s our turn. My wife and I had our first Snowbird adventure in 2013/2014, and still get so excited, we can hardly breathe when we think of next year. We have gotten information  from a variety of sources; friends, web sites, magazines, books ( both fiction & non-fiction), television & movies. As there seems to be a lot of planning involved, I wanted to start this blog to share our planning and, as our trip unfolds, the discovery of things related to our adventures so stay tuned.


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