Finally On Our Way

We left home Monday and crossed the USA border in Aldergrove at 10:00 and arrived at Seven Feathers at 8:00. We found out there had just been an accident on I5 , in the mountain pass ahead near Grant’s Pass, that closed the highway. Apparently 3 or more, semi trucks had jack knifed. Consequently, every other semi truck was backed up and parked somewhere in the Seven Feather area.

Tuesday,  several of us snowbirds looked at the weather and decided to head out. Heavy rain most of the way and snowing at the summit of 4300 feet. It was a bit of an ugly drive but we all made it and wound up at Rolling Hills RV in Corning California, Where we had winds to 55 mph and heavy rains.

Wednesday was an uneventful day, 8 hours of driving to arrive at the Orange Grove RV resort just east of Bakersfield.

Today, with an early start, we should be parked in our stall  in Yuma before supper time.

Here are a few of our photos;


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