Saturday Feb 27, 2016…..John’s 8th Birthday Party!!

Today we celebrated John’s 8th Birthday! A little over 8 years ago, John was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder.  This showed on a blood test done during a routine medical to renew his Class 1 driver’s license… he was given 15 months to live!   John’s Doctor referred him for an experimental procedure, a “Stem Cell Transplant”. It starts with total body radiation, after which, a required amount of his stem cells are removed, treated separately, while he then undergoes an A-bomb of Chemo . To prevent burns to the skin from the Chemo, his body is completely packed in bees wax up to his neck(he sustained minor burns to the top of his ears and his cheeks). When the Chemo is complete, his stem cells are reinserted into his blood and they wait ……he woke up , wanted his teeth brushed, and a few days later he was released from hospital with no further treatment required.       Here he is today !!     This has been an unbelievable journey for Brenda,  John and their family.  We are all so grateful for his recovery.  It has been and honor and a privilege to get to know Brenda and John, truly two of the very best people and  we look forward to celebrating his 9th next year!!



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