Nov 26, 2016: Mishap Today

We were due to leave home today, however , our truck is now in the body shop…Tom was just on his way back from filling up with fuel, at about 10:30 this morning, when he had an accident!

There were two vehicles involved and just the two drivers.  Both were very shaken by the event, but no apparent injuries, for which we are very grateful!   We expect about a two week delay in our departure. Here are some scene photos:

We will see you soon Del Pueblo!

img_1586 img_1588 img_1589 img_1591

7 thoughts on “Nov 26, 2016: Mishap Today

    1. hey pal
      i am glad you are ok. have a safe trip when you leave, we look forward to reading your posts as you travel. we will miss you at the christmas party this year.

  1. I just logged in to follow trip and see how everything was going during your travels . Looks like not a great start but I’m sure you guys will make up for it . Glad your Okay have a great trip.

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