After coming back from Arizona in March, I went back to work for Apr, May, & June. June 26 was my last day of work. The day went just the way I wanted. We went for a Chinese food lunch, and I spent the day cleaning up my computer and putting stuff away. We ended the day with a good-bye drink and the then Hugs & Kisses and Adios Amigos. Thankfully it was not too emotional, although my emotions were on my sleeve.

Many thanks to Bill & Yvonne, for coming over from Port Alberni, to help celebrate the event. We had a very nice visit and got in some golf with Bill. Paul & Lisa were able to join us for dinner on Saturday night to put a nice cap to the weekend.

Coming Up.

First up is to attack a few projects around the house, and then to spend sometime on Vancouver Island. First stop is Alder Bay Resort, near Port Mcneill, with Bill & Yvonne, and Fred & Helen, then moving to Salmon Point Resort, near Campbell River, with Paul & Lisa.

More to follow as the summer progresses, as Golf & Pickleball replace pencils and slide rules.


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  1. Howdy,
    We will be at Alder Bay RV Aug. 13-17. Meeting up with some folks for some serious fishing. Enjoy. Roger

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