Del Pueblo Games 2015

The Del Pueblo Games for 2015, were held over the last week. This included events for Shuffleboard, Golf, Pickleball, Poker, Cribbage, Euchre, Volleyball, Ladder Golf, Horseshoes, etc etc etc, and winds up with an awards dinner held last evening. Here are some photos of the dinner. Bill & I were both given medals for Pickleball, and I also won a silver medal for Euchre. (Card game)

IMG_2383The Pickleball Medal Awards IMG_2382 The Euchre AwardsIMG_2388


Our Table. The Dinner this year was the same as last year, Meat Leaf, and it was very good.IMG_2370


4 thoughts on “Del Pueblo Games 2015

    1. Hi Mo, it is a net game, something like badminton, played with a small paddle and a “wiffle” ball. Reported to be the fastest growing sport in North America and very popular with the snowbird crowd. Some of the better players in our park were from St.Albert.
      Thanks for posting.

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