Year 2, We Start Again.

November Already!! It’s time to start getting ready for another winter in Arizona. This year has gone very fast for us, and as the rainy days of fall keep us inside, we are looking forward to a nice sunny break. It seemed ironic to be winterizing the trailer now, knowing that in few weeks I’ll be de- winterizing, but better safe than sorry.

This last week saw our Vancouver Island friends head south for Yuma Az. Bill & Yvonne left home last Saturday, via Washington State Ferry, departing from Sydney BC to Anacortes Wa. There was a cost savings going this route, and it’s a very lovely trip with a stop at Friday Harbour, continuing thru the San Juan Islands  .

Their trip  had a few “hiccups”,

  1. They had some Electrical Issues, a power loss to the fridge and some receptacles, which was solved by resetting  a GFCI receptacle.
  2. A pane of glass in their RV shower “shattered” for no apparent reason, we have since learned that is not uncommon, they plan to repair in Yuma
  3. RV in front of them at US Customs had mechanical problems and caused a delay.
  4. A mattress (or Box Spring) in their lane on Interstate 5, caused some anxious moments,fortunately they were able to avoid collision with it
  5. A truck carrying hay, lost its load on Hwy 99 causing them a one hour delay, and an unplanned stay over in Kingsburg, California.  They Do Not recommend staying there.

Here is the shower shattered glass..

Shattered Shower Door 003

Shattered Shower Door 004

They arrived at Del Pueblo RV Resort on Oct 31st, to 37 degree heat. The photo below is of the Salton Sea at sunset.

Salton Sea Early Evening

Helen, Fred, & Luger were already there, settled in, having arrived from Campbell River 2 days prior. This photo is their RV all set up for the season.

Del Pueblo RV Resort Nov 2014 004

The resort is, reportedly, fairly empty at this point. Here are some photos….

Del Pueblo RV Resort Nov 2014 001

This will be our area, same as last year.

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