The Arizona Outdoor Market

As the title says, this is an outdoor market where one can find almost anything for the winter visitor to Yuma. They have all kinds of things for RV’ers, such as Tables, Chairs, Outdoor Mats, Sunscreens and Shades. They also have vendor stalls for Jewellry, T-Shirts, Hats, Custom Signage and all the other touristy products you can imagine. The photo below is for one Isle. There are at least 6 more isles and a small food mart for ice cream, hot dogs etc.


Bill purchased a Fancy Strobe light. These are quite popular in the RV Resorts. They attach to a fixed object (house or Rv or Shed) and shoot tiny light images out into the street. This particular Strobe with even respond to a music beat and strobe with the rhythm. Quite a neat little toy.


I purchased a Sunscreen. These are also quite a popular item here. They attach to an existing awning and provide 85-90% Sun Blocking for that hot afternoon sun. ( I will post a photo when I install this one.) I had installed a borrowed one, ( Thanks to Paul & Lisa ), to see if we liked it. We Did. Place seemed naked when we took it down and returned it.



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