Some new Photos, courtesy of Yvonne.

The following photos are of the perimeter of this RV park. We are surrounded by Lemon Orchards and canals. Yvonne took these photos while walking “Luger”. (More to come on Luger at a later date) Meet Luger, a beautiful German Shephard, 9 years young in April.LugerThe following photos are of the orchards and Irrigation canals around the park.

Canal Looking at FoothillsPhoto below is a dredger to keep the canals flowing and the crops irrigated. Dredging CanalA new crop of Lemons on the vine. Lemon Trees Orchad HeaterI’m told this is a “heating device” used in cold snaps to keep the new crop warm.

And of course, another Happy Hour photo.

Our Gang

Many thanks Yvonne, for the great photos.

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