Mardi Gras – Del Pueblo, Yuma AZ, Style

Tonight we had a pretty neat event. When I was getting water a couple of weeks ago, a fellow asked me if I was going to Mardis Gras this year. I gave him my “deer in the headlight” blank stare, and asked him what it was. He said it’s a Shrimp Boil …it’s lots of fun and we better get tickets early as it usually sells out…..   we decided to go. Doors opened at 4:00 p.m., dinner at 5:00, finished at 7:00, With live entertainment throughout. The following photos will showcase the event.

The Shrimp Cookers and staff members in “Mardi Gras Costume”

IMG_1561 IMG_1562





The next photos are some shots of all the people and the surroundings.  Hats and party whistles were supplied……. some dressed for the occasion.  A neighbor gave us bead necklaces to wear and to pass around.


Bill & Yvonne


Helen & Fred


Paul & Lisa



IMG_1586 IMG_1565 IMG_1566

IMG_1567 IMG_1578

As you will also see in the photos above, there is not much in the way of serving dishes. The tables are covered with paper then the  Shrimp, Corn, Bead, Potatoes, and Sausage are served up right down the center!!! The feast begins.

IMG_1582 IMG_1583

The meal was followed by a 50/50 draw……. and dancing.

IMG_1579 IMG_1594


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