Looking Back

We promised to write a blog entry after we had time to reflect on our recent “Snowbird Adventure to Arizona”. I think now would be a good time to put down our thoughts. Let me start by saying our trip was absolutely FANTASTIC. You can be as busy (or not busy) as you choose. It’s totally up to the individual. We found that words just can’t express how nice it was to be in Arizona for 3 months. It is a feeling that has to be experienced.

It was so much more that we expected, in so many ways. For example;

  • There was lots of activities to do in the Resort, hardly any time to read.
  • The weather was just terrific. They say it was an exceptional year.
  • The people were very amiable and we made lots of new friends.
  • Alcohol was unbelievably inexpensive.
  • We actually enjoyed the road trip, both north & south.
  • Seven Feathers Casino is a terrific stopover in Oregon. They have shuttles that will take you all over; Casino, shopping, etc.
  • The exercise was an unexpected gift. We walked everywhere within the resort as well as played a lot more sports that we would have at home.

We enjoyed our trip so much that we booked next year before we left. Same site, same park. And this time we’ll know our neighbours before we get there. We are already looking forward to seeing them all again. Look for further posts here as we get more information and get prepared for next years Arizona adventure.


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