Getting Settled in…


Cleaning up before setting up…. There are people for hire who will come & clean  your “rig” of all the dirt and grime picked up on the journey . We hired “Eduardo” again this year. His fee was $120.00, to wash and wax  both the trailer and the truck, and he did a great job. He started at 9:30 and was done by noon.

IMG_2177 IMG_2178 IMG_2179 IMG_2180 IMG_2181  IMG_2183IMG_2182Bill came by to check on the work and get his picture took, then it was time to start setting up the site.

IMG_2184 IMG_2185 IMG_2186 IMG_2187 IMG_2189 IMG_2190We still have the Sun screen to set up, but that will wait for another day. After all, what’s the rush lol.

IMG_2191They do Street names here by 1/2 a street.




Fry’s groceries. Always a busy spot.


Getting propane. They deliver to the resort for $3.25 a gal. I paid $2.03 at this place, much like a co-op. Took 8.1 gal so it was worth going out for it.




While we were out, we were “Jingled”…this package & card was left on our doorstep.  The card asks us to add to the package and pass it on……. all anonymously.   A little Christmas fun.


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  1. Hi Tom and Cathy – All is quiet on the home front! It has been raining but is to be a sunny Dec. 25th. Merry Christmas. Imagine you will be involved with a large group dinner. Keep in touch. Myrna

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