Day 3 – Corning, Ca…Rolling Hills Casino & RV

We left Seven Feathers Casino at 8:06 this morning. We normally like to leave earlier, but I wanted daylight to drive through the mountains.  The weather started out much better than we expected. The forecast was for rain the entire trip, but we stayed dry all the way to Weed California. Our new 2015 GMC Diesel outperformed all expectations. The exhaust brake worked great,  we traveled almost the whole route in cruise control. The only time I touched the brakes was to slow for semi trucks that  blocked all the lanes. Our new diesel just blew right by them!

Gas consumption today:  24.5 gals…Cost 92.00…..276 miles

Total:                                       71.4 gals….Cost $252.90….813 miles

This is a discount liquor store just accross the Oregon border on the California side…just checked out the prices

IMG_2041 IMG_2042 IMG_2043 IMG_2050

Arriving at Rolling Hills RV Clubhouse to register
Raining & wet…not so enthusiastic today


7 thoughts on “Day 3 – Corning, Ca…Rolling Hills Casino & RV

  1. Was the discount liquor store worth the stop and did it have good access for a 35 ft rv pulling a 22 ft trailer

    1. Yes the stop is worth it and there is lots of room for your RV. You can even join their website and phone in your order. Good Luck.

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