Preparing for Extended Stay Vacation

This information has been gathered from various sources including Canadian Snowbird Association, friends, other blogs, publications etc. Most Insurance companies have a certain time frame that your house can be empty without someone (caretaker) checking it. Each company has a different time line, so be sure to check your own insurance policy for specifics. This is by no means a complete list, but as you read through it, I hope it will help you prepare your own list. As you will see, there is a lot to think about and a lot to get prepared. Good Luck.

  • Log book for caretakers checking in, note departure and arrival home dates
  • Leave contact info and other emergency numbers for caretakers
  • Have caretakers run water and flush toilets from time to time.
  • Offer neighbours to park in your driveway. Shows activity at your home
  • Junk Mail – Leave a re-cycle container at the front door for disposal
  • Disconnect – Micro Wave, Small appliances, Electronics, TV’s, Computers,
  • Shut off water to your home or,
  • Shut water off to Washing Machine & Dishwasher, Leave doors open
  • Shut off water to outside taps if your climate involves freezing weather
  • Change  batteries in Smoke Detectors and Gas Detectors
  • Change lamps in exterior / interior lighting that will be on while you are away
  • Mail – arrange for mail delivery to be curtailed or picked up regularly
  • Newspapers -Suspend deliveries
  • Internet / Telephone / Cable – suspend services
  • Garbage pick up – Suspend or have neighbours swing you a bag or two while away
  • If leaving vehicles behind – consider fuel stabilizer and change insurance to Storage
  • Medical – Get Dr’s note to outline Medications & list Rx / daily meds required
  • Obtain sufficient meds for vacation and leave in original packaging. Do Not Consolidate Prescriptions. Border Officers may need to see.
  • Have a wallet size list of your medication with you
  • If you wear prescription eyeglasses, consider taking a copy of your prescription
  • Power of Attorney – carry validated copies with you
  • Drivers licence / Passport / MSP – Check expiry’s and carry copies
  • Purchase Safety Deposit Box – Store all important papers from your home in it.
  • If home phone is left working – call it once in awhile and clear messages, so it doesn’t indicate full inbox.
  • If you leave a vehicle at home, disconnect the battery. The anti-theft devices will drain it down. This tip comes from AFTER our trip, and did happen to us.

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