Leaving British Columbia via Mainland Border Crossings

I started to create a list of Border Crossings here, but soon realized any visitor can get that list with a Quick Google. If you need the list, click HERE.

Picking a crossing, and subsequent route south, seems very easy at first. Just look at a map and pick one. But in reality there are many things to consider.

  • What will the Weather be like along your route?
  • What cities you will have to navigate through?
  • Is the Border Crossing open at the time of day you wish to cross?
  • Are your maps or GPS current?
  • Where will you stay?
  • Are there rest stops and other amenities situated at convenient places?

We are members of BCAA, and as such, qualify to get free maps and books on accomodations and campgrounds. You can also find these kind of publications at book stores, Wal-Marts etc., or anywhere else books are sold. For our upcoming first trip, we have aquired all the pertinent maps and we intend to have a new GPS before we leave. I am still researching which GPS to buy. Some of the features I want are Lifetime Map updates and Split screen navigation that shows Guide Signs in a realistic view. I will do a post of features, after I have made my purchase. Click Here to see what we bought.

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