Connected by TCP

Connected by TCP

Smartphone connected LED Lamps. I was looking for ways to automate some indoor lighting while on extended vacation, and stumbled on these quite by accident. I bought a 2 lamp pack with wi-fi adapter, that connects to a smartphone/tablet control App. They were very easy to install, just screw ’em in, and they provide a nice light. Downloading and setting up the smartphone app to control them, was also very easy and straight forward. However, I find learning to control them not as user friendly as I would like. Without any control, they come on as any normal lamp would. When under a Scene control, they don’t turn on as easy when out of the time frame of the control app. I hope an App upgrade will solve this problem in the near future.


After 2 weeks, I wound up taking this unit back for a refund. I love the concept but I just couldn’t get it to do what I wanted it to do, when I wanted it to do it. I would have them set to a specific time, but they wouldn’t turn on. I would have to open the app again and do it from there. When I removed them from the socket, I was very surprised at how Hot the base of the lamp was. The base was too hot to put your hand on. As they are advertised as 11 watts, I was very surprised. I surmise that the wattage is for the light itself, and the extra heat was coming from the wi-fi components built into the lamp base.


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